Everything you need for your site is right here. From “How will I get my site online?” to “How many people are visiting it?,” we’ve got you covered.


We start every project with a free consultation. This is our chance to understand your business and make sure we can address your needs. It’s also your chance to evaluate us, and ask any questions you have.


When it comes to the look and feel of your site, you can have as little or as much control as you want. We’ll work with you to bring your design ideas to life, whether you have a complete existing design or just a set of favorite colors.

Content Management System

Often, when someone builds you a website, the only way to update it is by either teaching yourself HTML & CSS, or hiring a developer. We don’t do that. By setting you up with a content management system, a program that makes it very straightforward to visually edit your site, you won’t have to fuss with code. We’ll walk you through it so you understand how to use it from day one.


We’ll build your site so that it is standards-compliant and easy for search engines to find. We’ll also help you understand what you can do to rank higher in search engines, and ensure that your customers can easily find your business. This can include a number of things, such as choosing relevant keywords and getting you connected with social media.


Aside from your basic content, there are many tools to choose from that you may find useful, including:

  • Analytics tools to monitor traffic
  • Mapping services to get your business listed
  • Embedded online calendar
  • Social media buttons so readers can easily find you on networks like Facebook and Twitter
  • Share/bookmark buttons so that it’s easy for readers to share your content
  • RSS feeds
  • Flickr or other photo sharing gallery integration


Good news- is available! Better news—we can set you up so that you can access it from your current account.

Supported Hosting

In addition to building your site, we can also take responsibility for keeping it up and running. This means that we will keep your site live on the web for as long as you want, and will be able to log in remotely to help you whenever you ask us to. What’s included in our supported hosting?

  • Automatic Updates – New versions of software are common, and hard to keep up with, so we have you covered. We’ll update your site and all of its components to keep you up to date, including security updates.
  • Automatic Back-ups- We automatically back up all your data so nothing gets lost.
  • Free Hosting – We can take care of hosting your site. Even if we’re redesigning an existing site hosted somewhere else, we can transition your site for free.
  • On Going Technical Support – A developer will be available to answer your questions promptly when you need it. If we can’t answer your question in an email or over the phone, we will work with your schedule to set up a Skype meeting so we can share screens.